Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pheasant Tail Flymph

I have had a fair degree of success over the last month with this fly. I sensed that a little more movement in the fly was needed than I was getting from the Sawyer Pheasant Tail and after a couple nights at the vice, came up with this flymph. The Trigger Point Fibres used in the hackle tend to become less waterlogged than feathers and may just provoke a little more interest from the trout.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Recent Trips

Many of the rivers are still very low, despite the recent showers which appear to have been very localised. Many of the fish are holding up in the deeper holes, which limits the fishing opportunities. You do need to question whether we should be fishing in these conditions and the welfare of the fish should always be the first priority, particularly where wild fish are concerned.

Although the fishing has not been easy, fish have been taken recently on Small Olive Goldheads, Sawyer's Pheasant Tails and a Pheasant Tail Flymph.