Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Fly Tying Marathon at the BFFI

Keith Passant will once again be undertaking his 24 hour fly tying marathon at the British Fly Fair during October in aid of Casting for Recovery. This is a fine charity, that does some fantastic work and is worthy of any support we can give it.

To support the marathon Keith is running a raffle to raise additional funds. The main prize is a superb frame of 16 Spey Flies tied some of the best tyers in the world. Other prizes included boxes of flies, rods and reels, something for everyone. To buy tickets and view the other prizes (so far), take a look a Keith's site.

To support Keith I have been tying a box of flies, in a wide range of styles.

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The Jassid Man said...

Lovely pictures! Inspiring flies to ponder over their use and the techniques involved in tying them.
Have fun tying flies and others. I'm using the winter armchair fishing and fly tying,