Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Hello, welcome to my Fly Tying Blog.

I have been fishing since the age of 10, and up until 5 years ago fished mainly for coarse fish. I became increasingly frustrated with crowded banks and over fished lakes and so turned my attentions to fly fishing. For the first 3 or 4 years I fished almost exclusively on lakes, but this year I have broadened my horizons to some small rivers in the Cotswolds.

I started fly tying at an evening class run by Ian Hockley of Westlake Fly Fishing. This was a superb course covering all the basic techniques and I would recommend Ian’s courses to anybody, more details of which can be found at

Fly tying has really captured my imagination. I tie mainly trout flies; enjoy learning new techniques and applying them to flies that I use, but equally respecting the history behind many of our traditional patterns.

I have set up this blog to record the patterns I tie and use, and maybe provide some encouragement to others.

I hope you find your visit my blog worthwhile.

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